Gonez Media makes major acquisition of legacy news publication  NOW Magazine in continued bid to reinvigorate Canada’s media  landscape

TORONTO, Ontario (PR NEWSWIRE) – Today, Gonez Media (GMI), Canada’s fastest growing online media  company, announces its acquisition of NOW Magazine. On January 17, the publication will relaunch as NOW in a  digital-only format via nowtoronto.com. The acquisition comes exactly two years after the launch of GMI’s inaugural  online news series, the disruptive, truth-telling The Brandon Gonez Show

“This is a huge move for us. It elevates Gonez Media to become a true dominant player in Canada’s digital media  landscape,” says Brandon Gonez, Chief Executive Officer of GMI. “We’ve worked hard to bring ground-breaking  change in how news is delivered to audiences in our city – it’s something Torontonians needed, and we delivered.  NOW is going to be powered by this same passion and expertise. It’s coming back bigger and bolder than ever, and  we’re excited to further push the envelope of digital media in Canada.” 

Thanks to a revitalized vision from GMI, NOW will become a more prominent, trusted and defining voice in the news  and culture space of Toronto. There will also be a major reporting focus on arts, music and entertainment, harking  back to the publication’s 42-year-old roots. 

“NOW has always reflected the heart and soul of the city, but Toronto and its people have changed dramatically in the  last four decades and it’s time for NOW to be a proper reflection of that,” says Gonez. “We want to bring a fresh,  modern perspective to an important city publication that we all know and love.” 

The expanded scope of the beloved Toronto publication will explore new topics and communication avenues,  ensuring NOW takes an innovative approach to growth in this new chapter. Beyond a renewed push in digital media  reporting, NOW will create news-driven content on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, powered by  the excellence of GMI’s seasoned editorial team.  

With this digital-first approach, GMI says it aims for NOW to reach millions of Canadians every week through the  refreshed digital channels. With more than 50 per cent of NOW’s online audience under the age of 45, consumers  want and need news online and in real time that’s relevant to their lives. 

GMI has been an innovative force in the media industry since 2021, creating authentic, captivating and engaging  online content for all audiences in transparent and relevant ways. Not just a news company, GMI is a full-service  media organization that offers a wide range of services, from talent management to production, and works with some  of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands. GMI offers a portfolio of captivating content creators that  engage, inform and entertain audiences on the platforms of their choice. 

GMI’s acquisition of the NOW brand was complete as of January 2023, and as of January 17 the publication formally  known as NOW Magazine will be known as NOW.  

For more information, visit NOW Magazine on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and visit Gonez Media on Instagram,  Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. About Gonez Media (GMI): GMI is now considered Canada’s fastest-growing online media company. GMI produces  two fresh productions, The Brandon Gonez Show (#TheBGshow) which airs Sundays at 6 pm ET on YouTube &  News You Can Use (NYCU) which drops throughout the week on YouTube. Both productions are targeted to people  of all ages and backgrounds and provide them with must-watch content and an opportunity to learn, grow, and be  entertained together. Viewers can also watch exclusive and behind-the-scenes content on The Brandon Gonez Show  or brandongonezshow.com. For more information on GMI head over to gonezmedia.com

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